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TW: There will be brief mentions of incest, Pedophilia, and Noncon.

here are a few "Basic" definitions of proshipping:

♡ Don't Like, Don't Look

♡ Don't Harass People, especially over fiction

♡ Ship and let ship

♡ Curate your own internet experience

♡ Tag your stuff and blacklist stuff

♡ Mind your own business and I'll mind mine

♡ Dead Dove, Don't Eat

Proshipping, In Depth:

Proshipping is essentially the belief that problematic and taboo subjects should not be censored in media and that people should be able to enjoy whatever they want in fiction without being harassed over it

Being proship does not mean supporting every problematic trope or ship to exist. Many proshippers dislike a lot of popular "proship tropes" such as lolisho, incest, age gap, and others.

Disliking these things does not make anyone any less proship than people who like them. As long as that person doesn't harass anyone who enjoys these tropes they're still just as proship as someone who enjoys them!

Being proship isn't about finding the "most problematic ship" you can, but rather enjoying yourself in fiction and letting others enjoy themself in fiction.

Proshippers believe in tagging their content correctly and utilizing the filtering and blacklisting features to avoid content they don't want to see.

Proshipping isn't morally wrong or evil. Infact that couldn't be further from true! Proshipping is all about minding your own business and supporting others who are doing the same thing! It is also about separating fiction from reality and acknowledging that while fiction can affect reality, 9/10 times it wont, and knowing when and where to draw that line.

SO essentially proshipping is just believing that art shouldn't be censored and that people shouldn't be harassed for the type of art they consume. Whether you personally like or approve of it or not.

What Proshipping is not / does not mean:

♡ Pro Problematic Shipping

♡ Pro Pedophilia / Abuse / Incest / Etc

♡ Pro grooming

♡ Inherently NSFW or 18+


Anti Shippers, or Antis for short, are people who believe that dark themes and elements in media should be censored or not consumed or made at all. Typically they focus on the more taboo subjects like Incest, Age Gap, and other like subjects. But some have been known to condemn even murder in fiction.

Ultimately Antis believe that Fiction affects reality on a 1 to 1 basis. And while it is true that fiction can affect reality (i.e. Propaganda, the jaws effect, etc.) not everything fictional will affect reality.

Many antis believe that consuming and creating taboo or "problematic" content will "Normalize" it but to quote this post...

"If game of thrones hasn't normalized incest by now (pulling over 10 million views in the 7th season alone) then a small fandom ship most certainly won't"


"Spn ran for fifteen fucking seasons, it ran for over a decade, and wincest was consistently one of the two or three most popular ships. And it had no measurable impact on real world abuse. [...] a pretty good rule of fandom is that if Spn couldn't do it, fucking no one else is going to manage it."

And lastly

"If four thousand years of Zeus being married to Hera didn't make sibling marriage a thing in Greece I don't think we need to worry about someone's samdean art"

Other Proship Lables:

♡ Pro-Fic / Pro-Fiction
♡ Anti-Hara / Anti-Harassment
♡ Anti-Censor ship
♡ Anti-Anti
♡ Dead Dove / Dead Dove Club
♡ Doveship (to be used exclusively by proshippers who do not post nsfw)

Other Antiship Lables:

♡ Pixel Defenders

♡ Fandom Police / FanPol

♡Purity Police

Proship Symbols:

🌈🍖 / 🍖🌈: Originated from the hannibal Fandom
🕊🌱💌 : the doveship emojis, originated from this post

Proship Slang:

While none of these terms are proship exclusive, proshippers use them quite a bit

Dead Dove Don't Eat: Read the tags and warnings, they're there for a reason. Don't like what they say or imply? Leave

Lolisho: Lolicon/Shotacon, also another word for kodocon

NonCon/DubCon: Non-Consensual and Dubious Consent, respectively. Usually used for tagging fanfiction

Shipcest: Any type of ship that contains the "-cest" suffix, including (but not limited to) Incest and SelfCest

An Onion: (Term coined in the Pro SHip Heaven discord server) someone who is proship but doesnt realize it- similar to 'egg' for trans folk

Unsure if someone is proship? here are some proship greenflags that might help!

♡ "I'm anti-harassment"

♡ "I don't think liking villains means you condone their actions"

♡ "Conflict is necessary in a narrative"

♡ "DNI if you harass people over fiction"

♡ "Fiction =/= Reality"

♡ "It's okay to see yourself in any type of character"

♡ "Characters aren't real people"

♡ "Pixels don't have rights"

Unsure if someone is an Anti? here are some anti redflags that might help!

♡ Sites the jaws effect

♡ "Fiction affects reality"
(while this is true in some cases it isn't true all the time, and thus is something that tends to be a redflag)

♡ "Lolisho is pedophilia"

♡ "Normalizing" "Romanticizing" "Fetishizing"